Nigel Paterson

Guitarist, mandolinist, composer, educator.


 My professional career began in the 60’s with the legendary folk group, ‘The Halliard’. I attended Brentwood College of Education (Anglia Ruskin University) & Trinity College of Music, London. Initially taught music; subsequently freelancing, playing guitar, composing & arranging for Chappell & Co.. Recording with the BBC Concert Orchestra & conducting at The Royal Albert Hall left enduring memories. I arranged and composed music for thirteen, internationally published books for the guitar. The Royal Albert Hall & The Purcell Room on London’s South Bank saw the first performances of two original choral works. In 1984 I returned to Music Education. Now retired from teaching & performing, I compose. 

         'The Halliard' L-R: Nigel Paterson, Nic Jones, Dave Moran

(Photo © 2005 Helen Jones)


                                                  I'm on Soundcloud:

    JUST RELEASED: 'Here is the News'

 (children's choral, first performance given at the Royal Albert Hall)

Other recent works: 'Fake Blues', 'Cometh the End', 'Changing Times',  'Meditation Tone' (permanent free download).





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